Practical Ship Inspection Training

Thursday 5th October 2017 10:00 – 16:00

Location: Spectrum 8, Seaham, Co. Durham. SR7 7TT

This event is the next in the popular series of workshops utilising experience gained from previous WHO international training courses. The workshop aims to update delegates about current global developments and to improve consistency in the issuance of Ship Sanitation Certificates. It is a follow on from the 2013 – 2015 events Achieving Excellence in issuing Ship Sanitation Certificates.

Delegates will need to bring a copy of the WHO Technical Handbook, which can be purchased from WHO or can be downloaded at :


The training is interactive and involves moving around areas of a virtual vessel. Delegates will be expected to gather evidence by examining documentation and interviewing the crew members manning the different stations on the "ship". After rotating around the 4 areas, the groups will review the evidence gathered and make a decision about the type of SSC to issue, together with the Evidence Report Form (ERF).

Participation in this event carries a maximum value of 5 hours (core activity) for the CIEH Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme.

Lunch will be provided.

Cost of Attendance (Ex VAT)*: £15  APHA Corporate Members / £50 APHA PLaN Members / £100 Non APHA Members.

There is a small number of places at reduced rates available to non member EHPs who are self funding.  Please contact ku.oc1506069073.noit1506069073aicos1506069073sahtl1506069073aehtr1506069073op@st1506069073neve1506069073 for further details.


The Association of Port Health Authorities (APHA)
is the only UK wide organisation representing the
interests of Port Health Authorities and Local
Authorities with responsibilities for public, animal and
environmental health controls at sea and airports.


Port Health Authorities operate at Airports, providing a range of services to the aerospace industry.


Port Health Authorities operate around the coastline, providing a range of services to the shipping industry.


Imported Food

Port Health Authorities are responsible for enforcing European legislation in relation to food stuffs imported from non-EU Countries (third country).

Infectious Disease

Port Health Authorities were constituted with the primary objective of preventing the introduction into the country of dangerous epidemic diseases through shipping activity without creating unnecessary disruptions to world trade.

Civil Contingency

Port Health Authorities have duties under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, and are known as a Category One responders to the Act.


Port Health Authorities are involved in movement of shellfish, the classification of and monitoring of shellfish beds. This is to ensure the health status of live bivalve molluscs, such as oysters, cockles, mussels, clams and razor fish.

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Environmental Protection

The enforcement of legislation relating to pollution on the docks is generally undertaken by Port Health Authorities. This includes the control of dusty cargos, permitted processes, smoke and waste disposal.

Animal Health

In order to ensure that animal and human diseases are not introduced into the United Kingdom via imported animals, a system of controls is enforced by Port Health Authorities (PHAs), Local Authorities (LAs), Animal Health (formerly known as the State Veterinary Service), a part of Defra, UK Border Agency (UKBA) Officers and the Police Service.

Water Quality

Ensuring that drinking water supplies, both at berths and piers and on board ships and aircraft, are safe to drink is the responsibility of the Local or Port Health Authority.

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