There have been a number of applications for the new APHA Operational Board. Representation has come from Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, plus England. So there should be a good cross representation of regional ideas. APHA is happy to announce that eight members have been appointed. For the inaugural meeting, APHA will sponsor travelling arrangements, so that members of the new Operational Board can meet. The first task will be to appoint a chair, and a committee secretary to report to the greater membership the innovations the Operational Board are recommending for adoption by the APHA Executive for the future.

The methods of conducting business can be decided amongst the membership, it may well investigate the viability of electronic communication, audio conferencing, video conferencing, skype, social media, Facebook or Twitter. Indeed, some new novel ways of communicating could be suggested, the Operational Board will have a blank canvas with which to work.

Other aspects of work to be considered are training needs, either courses, e-learning or physical attendance at venues. Input to the APHA website will be encouraged and a regular slot allocated for the Operational Board, to use the newsletter to communicate with the membership. The chairman or secretary will be expected to work with the APHA Executive to take the Association further in the future.

It may well be, the members of the Operational Board will arrive at some stunning new innovative ways of operating. Everyone within the profession is experiencing the hardships of cutbacks to travel, training and ways of working. APHA has recognised this, and with the importance of Port Health for the nation, it is important to be able to work around these difficulties. The newsletter team look forward to reporting the activities of the Operational Board in its next issue.