An opportunity has arisen for a Port Health Officer to attend the “European training course on International Health Regulations – Ship Sanitation Certificates” which will take place in Slovenia from 8th to 12th June 2015 (4 Days). Please note that training fees, travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the EU SHIPSAN ACT joint action and the WHO Regional Officer for Europe.


Due to an extremely tight deadline expressions of interest are required by close of play (17:00) on 5 May 2015. The successful applicants name will be picked at random.

The training course entitled “European training course on International Health Regulations – Ship Sanitation Certificates” is designed for port health officers/ inspectors working in authorities responsible for issuance of ship sanitation certificates according to the International Health Regulations.


The successful applicant will be expected to participate in the dissemination of this training to port health officers in the UK.


Course objectives:


Ship inspection and issuance of SSC


By the end of the course, trainees will be able to:

  • Perform ship sanitation inspection according to technical and ethical standards;
  • Collect relevant documents and data in each technical area;
  • Perform on-site measurements;
  • Assess risk based on relevant findings;
  • Recommend control measures;
  • Communicate results (findings and control measures recommended); and issue ship sanitation certificates.

Dealing with chemical and radiological incidents on ships

  • Familiarise with chemical and radiological hazards on ships
  • Understand the principles for responding to events due to chemical and radiological hazards on ships

Case study for management of event of communicable diseases on ships

  • Describe the main components of a contingency plan implemented at a PoE according to IHR annex 1b
  • Identify the capacities that must be in place at a PoE
  • Understand the value of the health documents
  • Explain the specific requirements for communication and collaboration needed between different authorities and stakeholders and with the health competent authority at the point of entry and the IHR National Focal Point, the national surveillance systems, the WHO and the points of entry in other countries.
  • Decide on and implement health measures that are commensurate with the risk, avoiding unnecessary interference with international traffic and trade.

About the course

Participants: About 30 port health officers from European Union Member States (EUMS) and non-EUMS will participate in the training course.


Duration: four (4) days


Training course schedule:

  • Day 1: IHR Legal background and theoretical training on organizing the inspection and on inspection techniques and hygiene issues
  • Day 2: Practical training on a cargo ship and issuing a SSC
  • Day 3: Training on chemical and radiological issues (SHIPSAN training material for chemical and radiological issues)
  • Day 4: Case study for event management.





  • Must work in competent government authority responsible in performing ship inspections and issuance of ship certifications (SSC)
  • Assigned to the responsibility to perform ship inspections and issuance of SSC
  • Available to achieve e-learning course before face-to-face course
  • Fluency in the language of instruction
  • Completed the e-learning course on Ship Sanitation Inspection prior to the course