GB ORGANIC IMPORTS – 2021 DEFRA have published the manual system paperwork to control organic imports from third countries that will come into effect from the 1st January 2021. The pack can be downloaded by clicking the following button and includes: 1. Extract of GB Certificate of Inspection notes
2. Extract of the GB certificate of Inspection
3. GB Certificate of Inspection explanatory notes
4. GB Organics FAQs
5. Great Britain's Certificate of Inspection
6. Step by step guidance for GB imports from third countries
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CORONAVIRUS (Covid-19) GUIDANCE APHA has pulled together some resources to assist port health officers with the coronavirus outbreak and can be accessed by clicking the link below. Covid-19 Resources including legislation, guidance & training

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Extensively revised and updated it provides essential information on Port Health matters and is aimed at anyone who is working in the port environment from Port Health Officers to Importers.

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