The Government's aim is to reduce the risk from emergencies so that people can go about their business freely and with confidence.

Under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 UK Port Health Authorities are defined as "Category 1 Responders". This places our member authorities in the front line of Emergency Planning alongside other organizations such as the Police, Local Authorities, Fire & Rescue Services, Primary Care Trusts, The Health Protection Agency, The Environment Agency etc.

Emergencies can include, amongst others:

Human Health - Epidemics and pandemics which might affect humans, such as influenza.

Terrorism - Advice on malicious threats, including CBRN attack, and links to Home Office and Security Service advice.

Transport Accidents - Ferry accidents and aviation accidents.

Animal and Plant Diseases - Epidemics and pandemics which might affect animals and plants, such as foot and mouth disease, rabies and karnal bunt.

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