Where can I find documented procedures for official controls on feeding stuffs?

The FSA Imported Food Control Resource pack contains a lot of useful information about the arrangements that the FSA expects to be in place.

Better Regulation Delivery Office have done some work on authorisations for food and feed which they were commissioned to do by the FSA. This is available on the LACORS website but you will need to log in to view it.

The protocols for the audits are available on the FSA website, as well as copies of previous reports.

Do vessels carrying crew but no passengers have to comply with food safety legislation?

Yes - the Food Safety (Ships and Aircraft) Order designated ships as food premises in line with EC requirements, therefore all food safety regulations apply to ships (and aircraft) as they do to land based premises. Where problems relating to food safety are identified by a ship inspection there is a legal basis to require improvements in food hygiene and safety. See the legislation below for further details.

Where can I get information on importing food?

The best place to start is by looking on the Food Standards Agency website or by contacting their Imported Food Helpline on 020 7276 8018. Information on importing is also available on the Business Link website. Alternatively, you can contact the port health office where you intend to import the food. Contact details for ports can be found here.

Does my ship require a Sanitation Certificate?

All ships on an international voyage are required to have a valid Ship Sanitation Certificate. The International Health Regulations 2005 define a ship as: a sea going or inland navigation vessel on an international voyage. Therefore any vessel on an international voyage would be considered a ship for the purposes of requiring a Ship Sanitation Certificate, irrespective of tonnage.

Where can I find guidance on imported food controls at small ports?

The Food Standards Agency and Association of Port Health Authorities have produced a document to assist smaller ports with the importation of products of non-animal origin at small ports. The guidance can be found at:



smaller seaports airports

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small seaports airports forms

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seaports airports documentation