The Association has various technical committee which have recently been amalgamated to form two joint committees: Environmental Health and Hygiene/ Airports and Imported Food/Border Inspection Post. Each committee meets 3 or 4 times a year and reports to the Executive Board and the AGM. The technical committees reflect the multi-disciplinary nature and diverse range of port health work and aim to provide port health officers with a forum for gaining and sharing knowledge and expertise. Guest speakers are often invited to our meetings and give presentations on a wide range of relevant subjects. They also have the objective of enabling consistency of enforcement, responding to consultations, formulation of strategy, providing training opportunities and dissemination of information. Attendance is encouraged and is open to any officer representing member authorities. Continuous Professional Development certificates are awarded for attendance.

Who can attend the Technical Groups?

The technical groups are made up of individuals from Member Authorities. If you are interested in attending a technical meeting please contact us.

Where are the Technical Groups held?

The technical groups are currently held at the Food Standards Agency, Aviation House, 125 kingsway, London WC2B 6NH.

Can I attend via tele-conference?

Yes, every meeting has tele-conferencing facilities. It is hoped that we will also soon be able to use video-conferencing. If you would like to attend a meeting via tele-conference please contact us and we will send you he relevant joining details.

When are the technical meetings held?

Please look at our calendar of events for meeting dates or email us to register your interest in a particular meeting.

How can I add an item to the agenda?

If you would like to add an item to a meeting agenda please contact the relevant technical committee secretary via the members area or email us using the contact me section.